Paul Klink

A little bit about me

Paul Klink

Paul Klink

A little bit about me


Migrate to

Sep 23, 2022

This website now lives under the domain name


Apr 8, 2022

Xiadtech: An ad-tech stack designed specifically for applications.

Change website theme to Personal Web

Dec 19, 2021

Time for a new website theme.

Website fixed

Jun 29, 2021

Website is now readable again. Updated with the latest hyde-hyde hugo theme release and with a new deployment mechanism which will prevent style information from being lost (as previously happened).

Excel 2016 RTD

Jul 28, 2017

Excel 2016 64 bit will not communicate with a 32 bit automation RTD server. This caused me a fair bit of grief in trying to get my new out-of-process RTD server to work. Many thanks to Add-in Express for their assistance with this problem.

Hugo on my tablet

Apr 18, 2017

Writing posts is hard work - at least for me. Whenever I am in front of a computer, I get distracted by other activities. Why does programming and browsing seem to be so much more compelling than free form writing? A while ago my wife bought a new tablet and I inherited her old Samsung Note 10.1. After managing to upgrade it to a later version of Android OS, I started to take it with me at times when I typically would use my phone for browsing the internet.

Website migrated to Hugo

Feb 4, 2017

This website has now been migrated to the Hugo website framework. This move was done for several reasons: The previous website creation software was no longer being actively developed It also did not support responsive design. You had to create 2 separate pages for desktop and mobile. It had limited support for blogs. The move was triggered by my desire to be more active in publishing information on my website. Since the previous package was no longer being developed, I investigated alternatives.